Spanish guitar concerts

Enjoy Spanish classic guitar and a glass of wine in a unique place. 
New dates for the double program of the Art of Spanish guitar concerts on at St Anna's Church, right in the heart of Barcelona. Concerts by master Alen Garagic and Barcelona Guitar Duo starting at 9.00 pm.

  • Alen Garagic: August 25, 27, 28; September 21, 22, 25, 28, 29
  • Barcelona Guitar Duo: August 31; September 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 10, 11, 14, 15, 17, 18
  • Where: St Anna's Church, Santa Anna 29 [map]
  • How much: 20€ (at the door)

45th Joan Gamper Trophy

The Gamper, now officially styled a celebration rather than a tournament, has always been the first date on the Barcelona Football Club season calendar. This year, Barça will be facing a rival that matches their own sporting status, Italy's AC Milan.

It’ll be a very special game in a party atmosphere as Barça present their new summer signings and the fans will be at the heart of the event, so come along and enjoy the party at first hand!

  • When: Wednesday 25th @ 7.45pm
  • Where: Camp Nou [map]
  • Price: €19 - €88. Get your tickets here!

Free museums entry on Sundays!

Here's the list of museums that will let you in free of charge EVERY Sunday from 3.00 pm to 8.00 pm:
  • Museu d'Història de Barcelona [web] [map]
    Plaça del Rei, s/n.
    08002 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 256 21 00
  • Disseny Hub Barcelona (Museu de les Arts Decoratives i Museu Tèxtil i d'Indumentària) [web]
    - Palau Reial de Pedralbes [map]
      Avinguda Diagonal, 686
      08014 Barcelona
      Telf. 93 256 34 65
      Sundays until 6.00 pm

    - Palau Marquès de Llió [map]
      Montcada, 12
      08003 Barcelona
      Telf. 93 256 12 00
  • Barbier-Mueller Pre-Colombian Art Museum [web] [map]
    Montcada, 14
    08003 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 310 45 16
  • Museum of Ceramics [web] [map]
    Palau Reial de Pedralbes
    Avinguda Diagonal, 686
    08014 Barcelona
    Telf- 93 256 34 65
    Sundays until 6.00 pm
  • Museu de la Música [web] [map]
    Padilla, 155
    08013 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 256 36 50
  • La Virreina [web] [map]
    La Rambla, 99
    08002 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 316 10 00
  • Natural Science Museum of Barcelona [web][map]
    Pg. Picasso, s/n
    08003 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 319 69 12
  • Botanical Garden, MCNB [web] [map]
    Dr. Font i Quer, 2
    Parc of Montjuïc
    08038 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 256 41 60
    Sundays until 7.00 pm
  • Museu Frederic Marès [web] [map]
    Pl. Sant Iu, 5-6
    08002 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 256 35 00
  • Ethnological Museum [web] [map]
    Passeig Santa Madrona, 16-22
    08038 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 256 34 84
  • Monestir de Pedralbes. Conjunt Monumental, MUHBA [web] [map]
    Baixada del Monestir, 9
    08038 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 256 34 34
  • Picasso Museum [web] [map]
    Montcada, 15-23
    08003 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 256 30 00
  • CCCB [web] [map]
    Montalegre, 5
    08001 Barcelona
    Telf. 93 306 41 00
  • Museu Marítim de Barcelona [web] [map]
    Avinguda Drassanes, s/n
    08001 Barcelona
    Telf- 93 342 99 00
Don't miss council's website to stay up to date on museums and heritage in Barcelona.

Verdi: Best decoration in Gràcia Local Festival

Verdi del mig welcomes you to la vida (life) 
Verdi del mig is the winner for this year's street decorating competition and, as you can see, they pay homage to life and nature, that's why all ornaments you'll see there are made of all kinds of recycled materials (in fact most of the streets use recycled stuff) as that wasps' nest in the main gate (pictured above).

Woods made of wood! Now that's cool!
These artist have been already the winners 4 times in the last 5 years of competition!!
Check the butterflies pictured below... are they made out of ... bullets??

Don't miss the chance to visit the district this week, the festival ends on Sunday! Here more info on Gràcia Annual Festival.

Stroll around Gràcia's decorated streets

This nice bloke welcomes the visitors to the festival! Scared? 
I went for a quick tour this morning in the streets of Gràcia to enjoy and admire the decoration on streets and squares.
Starting the route at Plaça de la Vila de Gràcia, formerly known as Plaça Rius i Taulet (plaça meaning square) you'll find a guardian (pictured above) that will probably kindly let you in a some sort of a castle full of witches, bats, spiders and a dead loving couple. Sounds scary but wait, they're are all statues!

Don't miss the castellers on Sunday 22 at 12.00 in Plaça de la Vila, this year's Annual Human Tower Festival, where the following teams will be competing: Xiquets de Tarragona, Xicots de Vilafranca and Castellers de la Vila de Gràcia. See the map here.

Next, going up Verdi street to see the winner of the street decoration awards!

Hidroelèctrica de Catalunya

Hidroelèctrica, built by Pere Falqués i Urpí between 1896 and 1899
Our second stop in the modernista route is this work formerly known as Central Catalana d'Electricitat, initially built for industrial purposes, set in Avinguda de Vilanova, 12. [map]

On the facades, stone and brick combined with iron elements make some constructive elements stand out acquiring the character of the Falqués architecture.

In the corner, the main gate, made of stone and pottery glazes, stands out; it was intentionally set there to highlight its singularity, and welcomes the visitors giving acces to its unique circular lobby.
Note the brick ornamentation of the façade, the big windows and the small iron beams in the wall that help support the weight of the whole structure all along Avinguda Vilanova. It should be mentioned that the facade was originally crowned even more colorfully than the current one, gone over time, as well as its original chimney, demolished in 1961.

If you're lucky enough you'll be able to get inside this building as sometimes visits are allowed during office hours.

Casa Estapé <<
Modernisme Route
>> Museu de Zoologia

Casa Estapé, Modernista Route first stop

Casa Estapé, a work by Bernadí Martorell i Rius (1907)

Casa Estapé (Estapé house), formerly known as Casa Laplana, a six-story building, is a work of the architect Bernardí Martorell i Rius in 1907 and located in Passeig de Sant Joan 6. [map] Nearest metro station is Arc de Triomf.

Don't miss details such as its ceramic fish scales dome, designed by Jaume Bernades, its wrought iron balconies, carved floral designs on the facade and  the stone balcony on first floor.

This house is the start of Barcelona's modernista route, created and promoted by the Council, and the one we are strictly going to follow.

Go down a bit towards the Arc de Triomf (somehow not included in the official route, but we will check it out too!) and then left to find Vilanova Avenue building of hydropower.

Click images for bigger pictures!

Modernisme Route

Barcelona Modernisme Route

Barcelona Modernisme Route
Watch your step! You're likely to be standing near something unique!
The Barcelona Modernisme Route is an itinerary that takes you through the Barcelona of Gaudí, and many other architects who made Barcelona the world capital of Modernisme (Art Nouveau).

If you're interested on guided tours, discounts, etc, head to the council's website on the route But if you want to know ALL about the works included in the route this is going to be your most comprehensive guide. Starting today, you'll find pictures and info about the 115 masterpieces. Suggestions for a one day route will also be available as I get all the info posted.

And while you're strolling the city, watch for those small red paving stones set into the pavement (pictured above), they mark out the main works in the Route!

Ok then, the Route starts at Arc de Triomf and Estapé House. Get going!!

001. Casa Estapé 002. Hidroelèctrica
003. Museu de Zoologia004. Hivernacle
005. Umbracle006. Molly's Fair City
007. Fanals008. Palau Güell
009. London Bar010. Camiseria Bonet
011. Café de l'Òpera012. Hotel España
013. Hotel Peninsular014. Casa Doctor Genové
015. Antiga Casa Figueras016. Mercat de la Boqueria
017. El Indio 018. Muy Buenas
019. Reial Acadèmia de Ciències i Arts 020. Casa Elena Castellano
021. Ateneu Barcelonès022. Catalana de Gas, Gas Natural
023. Casa Martí, Els Quatre Gats024. Palau de la Música Catalana
025. Casa Pascual i Pons026. Casa Llorenç Camprubí
027. Casa Calvet028. Cases Rocamora
029. Casa Gerónimo Granell030. Conjunt de Tres Edificis
031. Casa Golferichs032. Casa de la Lactància
033. Casa Fajol034. Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya MNAC
035. CaixaForum. Antiga Fàbrica Casaramona036. Estació de la Magòria
037. Mercat d'Hostafrancs038. Seu del Districte de Sants-Montjuïc
039. Casa Malagrida040. Forn Sarret
041. Forn de la Concepció042. Casa Pomar
043. Casa Lleó Morera044. Casa Amatller
045. Casa Batlló046. Editorial Montaner i Simón, Fundació A. Tàpies
047. Casa Dolors Calm048. Casa Fargas
049. Fundació Francisco Godia – Casa Garriga Nogués050. Museu del Modernisme Català

Gràcia's annual local festival!

Gràcia's 2010 Festa Major or annual local festival (14 to 22 August) will be filling the district with concerts, workshops, exhibitions, sporting events and competitions, street parades, fire, giants, food, human towers and much more. There'll be something for everyone. Prizes will be handed out for the best decorated streets on Tuesday 17 August.

You don't want to miss street concerts to suit all tastes in the old town, from Habaneras to pop rock and disco music, as well as Celtic music, jazz, blues and rap, among other things. And, most impressive, the decorated streets and balconies all around the district, with the award ceremony on Tuesday 17.

More info in English at
Official Festes site
Download the full official programme here